Sky Sports Page Takeovers

Sky Betting & Gaming

Sky Betting & Gaming has regular ‘takeover’ ad placements on the popular Sky Sports website. These primarily appear on the homepage but often feature on sports sub-pages as well.

Takeover placements consists of 3 core elements;

The creatives will often feature interactive, video or animated content to make them eye-catching, or better link them to other channels on which the campaign is running. The wing creatives use scroll data in various ways to engage the viewer as they move down the page.

Offer details are dynamically controlled through the Flashtalking platform, allowing anyone with access to update them quickly. We also use this functionality to allow for image / video and other visual changes to avoid having to edit and re-publish the creatives.

In 2020, I upgraded our takeover creatives to bring them inline with our standard banner improvements. This includes the new plugin system. For more information on this, please see the sbg online display page.