Multi Offer Online Display

Sky Betting & Gaming

Our multi-offer banner system is very powerful, versatile and efficient to work with. Served through the Flashtalking platform, the system uses an all-purpose dynamic content form. Through this the text, image and video content can be set / updated. The examples in the video above show some highlights of our non-video, HTML5 animated creatives.

Additional effects and layout changes are also dynamically controlled, including campaign specific elements (highly important for those concepts that need to stand out from the general, BAU banners). In 2020 I reworked our digital creatives to include a plugin system, which allows us to be more adventerous with animations and special effects. It also provides a non-desctructive environment to work in, since any work on a single campaign plugin will not affect any other creatives.

Traditionally, HTML5 banners are packaged in full for each size / format (including the associated styles and javascript). Our multi-offer banners use a centralised code-base instead – designed to adapt to each size/format. This means that updates to the code are only required once, without having to re-upload all of the HTML5 creatives each time. Additionally, the banners can be updated and tested offline which is a great time-saver and ensures that any live creatives are unaffected during development work.

Through the Flashtalking platform, we also have access to live-feeds of sporting / bet data. The multi-offer banners make use of this system in a variety of ways, ranging from live horse racing bet listings to dynamically built ad messages.