Illustration collection

The following is a handful of illustration examples, from various personal and collaborative projects. When working on pieces like these I like to work with pencils, tracing this with inks or directly in vector form (in Illustrator), then colouring and adding textures using either Illustrator or Photoshop.

Make those school summer holidays pass more easily with my celebration of that ‘Back To School’ advertising which sends shivers down children’s spines every year! I created this exclusive artwork for Kooji Creative to remind those pesky kids of their impending doom, and to entertain everyone else through summer and beyond.

Originally intended to be the mascot for a blog, dedicated to hot pants (don’t ask), this cheeky lady was moved over to the Kooji Creative store. She makes a fine mobile phone cover, amongst other things.

The evolution of sea life according to me. Sure the contents of the sea are already pretty amazing to look at, but I still like to mix things up a little! Here I present the Coilycod. Confusing predators with it’s swirly shape and protecting itself with a snail-like shell, this fish lives within shallow corals. A protrusion from the head emits light, to help the Coilycod navigate the darker patches of it’s native environment. Meanwhile, a collection of sensitive tentacles help avoid collisions in the creatures numerous blind spots.

The Dysophant is based on a concept doodle, for a collaborative project called ‘Barb’s Garden’. This digital garden would be home to a multitude of bizarre and unique creatures, like this one.

Plodding around the most open areas of the garden, these blind but highly adaptive creatures have developed a strong natural armour to defend against predators. They use their snouts to explore their surroundings and to suck in dead leaves for food.

Another resident of ‘Barb’s garden’, the Knotted Willow Sniglet is usually found in the driest areas of the garden. These minature tree-like vines extract moisture from the air, leaving only one bi-product. Bubbles!

Part of a collection of works exploring what might happen if I was given full creative freedom, to design next year’s Blackpool Illuminations. Clearly the visitors to this popular seaside resort would be in for a treat.

This particular piece explores the hideous transformation of a poor unsuspecting flower into a human form. It was my hope to reveal the human body in as un-flattering way as possible. My answer to the media’s constant drive to show us the unreal perfection we should be aiming for.

My old flash portfolio was also a personal love letter to the Blackpool Illuminations, and my childhood memories of the seaside town. Categories of work were accompanied by my own 'Illumination' concepts – two of which you can see above.